Season preview: FS East

Association of engineers for higher automotive education has organised Formula Student East since 2016. The purpose is to represent the Eastern European region on FSAE competitions. The association focuses mostly on educational part of the event, because its mission is to help present generation of students to become the peak among professionals. The competition also gives chance to student teams of Eastern Europe to test their abilities at the international level with teams from all over the world.

After successful first year, the FS East has been written to the list of globally recognized competitions and has taken place among the leading competitions like FS Germany or FS UK.

Formula Student East 2017 will take place on 20. to 23. July in Hungary on the Euro-Ring circuit. This year the competition has increased space for 40 combustion teams and 20 electric teams compared to 28 combustion and 14 electric teams last year. Since opening of registration at the end of January, total number of registered teams is 119 from 28 countries all over the world.

For us, the FS East is going to be the first competition in season 2016/2017, which will thoroughly test abilities of SGT-FE17 in dynamic disciplines – Acceleration, Skidpad, Autocross a Endurance. Our members will be tested by static disciplines – Design Report, Cost Report a Business Plan.