Ready, steady, race


The hungarian racing history reaches into the year 2007, when their first BME FRT team was created. Later, in 2010 between 19.-22. august in the city Győr was held the first international race, where 11 teams from 6 countries were signed up. A year later 30 teams have signed up from which 28 also took part. In all history of the Formula Student Hungary races in year 2012 at the start ,between other formula cars, also 10 electric formula cars debuted. We, STUBA Green team, have also signed up to the category of the electric formula cars last year for the first time. We will repeat the race this year. The same town (Győr). Almost the same time (18.-21. august). The same place (Győr-Gönyű Kikötő). We didn’t miss a successful sing up even to Italy, where in 2014 we took 6th place in the Acceleration discipline and the 10th place in Skid Pad and Autocross discipline. This years race will take place 22.-25. july 2016 in the city Varano de’Melegari.

We look forward to both of the races. May the force be with us.