Design SGT-FE15 and his maker

You may have noticed that the single-seater from the 2015 season was visually stronger and more elaborate than the previous ones. This interesting design, that also excelled in competitions between other formulas , created student of University of fine arts, Ľudovít Jedlička.


We asked him then, since when is he interested in automobile design.


“To the automotive design brought me my enthusiasm for aviation, before secondary school.

Since childhood I have tried to understand the art of flight and later science called aerodynamics.”


For  question what led him to STUBA Green Team project he answered : “I have known for a long time this competition of student formulas, the perfect project for students , and when I met STUBA Green Team, which was introduced me by my friend brother I was glad that I joined hands on deck.”


You can also see samples of Ľudovít work.


In cooperation with our general partner Volkswagen Slovakia we have created a video that briefly summarizes how the students view their membership in STUBA Green Team.

In the video you can see shots from the Formula Student Germany competition at Hockenheimring and also from the Volkswagen test track.

We hope it will help you to better imagine the idea behind our project.

President Kiska expressed support to SGT!

On February 17th 2015, Slovak president Mr. Kiska visited Slovak University of Technology. STUBA Green Team was there to listen to his speech.

Mr. Kiska spoke about the importance of education and about supporting students since they are the future of our country. He shared a couple of stories and experiences with us and told us about his aims and ideas concerned above all with improving the quality of our education system and the necessity to enrich the theoretical knowledge that a student gains during lectures with practical skills already during their studies. When Mr. Kiska finished his speech, there was a short discussion during which we asked him about the future of electromobility in Slovakia.

Consequently Mr. Kiska shortly wished our team success and shook our hands. This form of support is very motivating to us and we are grateful to have received it.

Carbon fiber bonding workshop

All axles of our formula are currently made of steel. To decrease the vehicle’s weight, we decided to switch from steel to carbon fiber. The main difficulty with carbon fiber is the impossibility of creating a thread capable of transferring great forces. The simplest and most commonly used way to solve this problem is to glue low-weight metal inserts into the carbon fiber material (f.e. duralumin).

It is essential to have appropriate skills and knowledge about the carbon fiber bonding technique. Since last year we have been improving and gaining more and more knowledge about this subject with the help of specialists from Czech Technical University in Prague and from POLYchem Composite Brno. Last week we created the first samples which will be subjected to tensile tests. After successful completion of the tests (and consequent improving and adjusting of the bonding technique) we will be ready to change the steel axles for carbon fiber ones, lower the vehicle weight and improve its dynamics.

We started making a new promotional video

Today we have started recording our new promotional video. We thank Oliver Záhlava and Radka Šišuláková for directing and shooting the video. Big thanks also goes to e-Sense Slovakia  who provided locations and technical support.

There is a lot to look forward to!