FS Germany 2015

The competition was placed in legendary racing circuit in Hockenheime, lasts one week and attendance  was about  100 teams  from the whole world. This is the most prestigious  Formula  Student competition in the whole Europe. For many of us was this competition like take a cold shower , but it showed us that we can get closer to the best team , mainly in static disciplines. Unfortunately our formula wasn´t  able to race, because of problems with battery box.  So that, we focused on bench-marking.


Cost  Event

This discipline was based on presentation of the cost report, which included the Bill of Material (list of all components in vehicle) and hierarchy of all materials and processes used during a construction.

Pricing of every material and process is made of valuation from common table.  Vehicle price and consistency of making the Cost Report is compared. The jurors found in our vehicle many things, which our Cost report didn´t  include,  because of that we were penalized and our formula took 33th place from  39 electric formulas.



Engineering Design Event

This discipline is aimed at assessing the overall technical design of the vehicle and the explication why we chose appropriate solutions. The entire presentation in form of discussion took about an hour. The jurors  on our vehicle in particular highlighted  the ergonomics and design of the steering wheel. However for some of their question we weren’t prepared at all , so we took 36th place from 39 electric formulas.


Business Plan Presentation

Business plan rests in creating business model of a fictitious company, which would make our formal in quantities. The jurors reproached mainly, that our business plan wasn´t including specific financial proposal, and market analysis. We finished at the 35th place.



Scrutineering is a technical checking of a vehicle,  where the jurors will find out if the vehicle is safe and able to race. Due to non-functional battery box, we could not participate electrical scrutineering, which is predecessors of the mechanical and thus ,we were not allowed to participate in the dynamic disciplines.


Overall, we consider our participation in static disciplines for very instructive. Although we weren´t successful, the jurors gave us a valuable feedback, which means a lot for us.

During the next season, we would like to take static disciplines more seriously, especially Cost Event and Business Plan, as these are disciplines in which we have the best chance at a good placing.

We also talked to mechanical scruiteneer, who gave us advise what could we improve for competition in Hungary.

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