FS Czech Republic 2015

This competition was the last one in the season. It was held on Autodrome Most from 3th to 6th Of December in 2015. Finally, we managed to put our seater together and participate in both , the static and dynamic disciplines. After our arrival to the competition we worked hard most of the time preparing formula for scrutineering. We had a delay, so that we successfully passed scrutineering up to Friday evening. Therefore on Saturday morning we had to quickly catch up with Rain, Tilt and Brake tests. We successfully passed all of them and we could look forward to dynamic disciplines.

On Saturday morning we were the first team that completed discipline Skid Pad. The race is in the shape of eight and it tests chassis and tires to the maximum transverse load. This discipline has not been our strong point and we placed in the 8th position.

Then followed Acceleration discipline that consists testing the vehicle for acceleration in 75m.

Because of the problem with power limitation our drivers were not able to use the whole power of vehicle, and even if we had a very good placing in this discipline we ended up on 7th place.

In the afternoon started very interesting discipline for fans and also riders -Autocross, where the task is to go through the marked path in the shortest time. This year’s race was quite demanding, but more interesting.

Before racing, we have tested and adjusted the car on track. Then we went to the queue and we were racing even in the afternoon, when the track was warmed up.

The first lap was not as our expectations. In the second lap we have been inadvertently stopped, but finally in the third round we were successful.

Then followed another ride with the other in the early evening, when already the typical September weather has proved . The first lap did not work out completely and in the second were occurred technical problems.

Then were told to us, that we had exceeded the maximum power circa above 2%, which is the reason why we were in this discipline disqualified.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, we discovered the causation of our technical problem, which has been de-energized relay when striking the car floor of inequality on the track.

Sunday was extremely cold and wind.

The weather was changeable, and till last moment we had hesitated with the wet mixture.

Riders waiting for their moment used our aero package as the cover up from the wind.

The track was subtly altered and the wind allowed making the most of our wings in some turns.

In these conditions, we had to ride the most difficult discipline- Endurance.

Evaluated is time in which riders have passed the track 22 kilometres long.

We were racing as third among all teams.

The first rider drove his part without any problem in a good time that allowed us to be reviewed in the discipline Effectiveness.

The other rider had a technical problem due to breakage of the front wing and we had to terminate our race. Finally, we have placed in the Effectivity discipline on a very nice 4th place.

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