Design SGT-FE15 and his maker

You may have noticed that the single-seater from the 2015 season was visually stronger and more elaborate than the previous ones. This interesting design, that also excelled in competitions between other formulas , created student of University of fine arts, Ľudovít Jedlička.


We asked him then, since when is he interested in automobile design.


“To the automotive design brought me my enthusiasm for aviation, before secondary school.

Since childhood I have tried to understand the art of flight and later science called aerodynamics.”


For  question what led him to STUBA Green Team project he answered : “I have known for a long time this competition of student formulas, the perfect project for students , and when I met STUBA Green Team, which was introduced me by my friend brother I was glad that I joined hands on deck.”


You can also see samples of Ľudovít work.

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