Carbon fiber bonding workshop

All axles of our formula are currently made of steel. To decrease the vehicle’s weight, we decided to switch from steel to carbon fiber. The main difficulty with carbon fiber is the impossibility of creating a thread capable of transferring great forces. The simplest and most commonly used way to solve this problem is to glue low-weight metal inserts into the carbon fiber material (f.e. duralumin).

It is essential to have appropriate skills and knowledge about the carbon fiber bonding technique. Since last year we have been improving and gaining more and more knowledge about this subject with the help of specialists from Czech Technical University in Prague and from POLYchem Composite Brno. Last week we created the first samples which will be subjected to tensile tests. After successful completion of the tests (and consequent improving and adjusting of the bonding technique) we will be ready to change the steel axles for carbon fiber ones, lower the vehicle weight and improve its dynamics.

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