FS Hungary 2015

The competition was held near the Hungarian town of Gyor. The number of registered of electrical and combustion formulas was 42, compared with FSG there was “more familiar” atmosphere.

From the beginning the sun was shining, we  established two cookies we were accommodated in the dormitories  of local universities,  and also our formula was in much better shape than it was in Germany.

Unfortunately racing was unable, because controller battery box burned down soon after we managed to spin the wheels. The static disciplines are described on following pages.


Cost Event

Hungarian Cost Event consisted of three parts:

Cost Analysis (presentation Cost Report)

Real Case (this year it was the plant design to mass production of carbon monocoque)

Sustainability Event (it is concerned with impact of production on the environment)

Compared to race in Germany we have made progress in this discipline. We were much better prepared for real-time and Sustainability event  and the judges appreciated the positive feedback , mainly  in graphic materials, and they  recommended us to create an outline and stick to it during the presentation. We added to Cost Analysis missing items in the Cost reports ,that was pointed out from judges in Germany.

We have reached a 32th place from all teams.


Engineering Design Event

During the design event,  a concept of car is presented to the Commissioner, and our decisions in the design process are defended. Commissioners  are focused on innovative solutions , which technical realization must meet strict criteria. In our team of judges was the longest operating and the most famous in the history of Formula Student competition, Pat Clarke. He has been jurors since 1994 and he is the most experienced juror.  He reviewed very strictly and  we will be with him in e-mail contacts to send us a feedback either by design or by overall project management.

We placed in the 34th place among 42 teams.


Business Plan Presentation

In this discipline, we managed to do most progress from the race in Germany .  We have created graphically and substantively interesting presentation which,  utterance the jurors  judged positively.

On the one hand ,they appreciated our market research and analysis of kart durability, which wasn´t mentioned in any other team. On the other hand they pointed out missing risk analysis. Overall, we were placed on the 11th place among 42 teams.

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