Support us and win iPad

This year Foundation of Slovenská Sporiteľna announced the competition of Space Idea, in which they support the 10 best projects to achieve their goals. Our colleagues from FME also...

Season preview: FS East

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Association of engineers for higher automotive education has organised Formula Student East since 2016. The purpose is to represent the Eastern European region on FSAE competitions. The association...

Ready, steady, race

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  The hungarian racing history reaches into the year 2007, when their first BME FRT team was created. Later, in 2010 between 19.-22. august in the city Győr was held the first international...

Design SGT-FE15 and his maker

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You may have noticed that the single-seater from the 2015 season was visually stronger and more elaborate than the previous ones. This interesting design, that also excelled in competitions between...


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In cooperation with our general partner Volkswagen Slovakia we have created a video that briefly summarizes how the students view their membership in STUBA Green Team. In the video you can see...

FS Germany 2015

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The competition was placed in legendary racing circuit in Hockenheime, lasts one week and attendance  was about  100 teams  from the whole world. This is the most prestigious  Formula  Student...

FS Hungary 2015

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The competition was held near the Hungarian town of Gyor. The number of registered of electrical and combustion formulas was 42, compared with FSG there was "more familiar" atmosphere. From the...

FS Czech Republic 2015

This competition was the last one in the season. It was held on Autodrome Most from 3th to 6th Of December in 2015. Finally, we managed to put our seater together and participate in both , the static...

President Kiska expressed support to SGT!

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On February 17th 2015, Slovak president Mr. Kiska visited Slovak University of Technology. STUBA Green Team was there to listen to his speech. Mr. Kiska spoke about the importance of education and...

Carbon fiber bonding workshop

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All axles of our formula are currently made of steel. To decrease the vehicle's weight, we decided to switch from steel to carbon fiber. The main difficulty with carbon fiber is the impossibility of...
STUBA Green Team

We started making a new promotional video

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Today we have started recording our new promotional video. We thank Oliver Záhlava and Radka Šišuláková for directing and shooting the video. Big thanks also goes to e-Sense Slovakia  who...
STUBA Green Team

We received our 3Dconnexion package!

This week we have finally received our package of 3D mice that 3Dconnexion offered to some of our members for a better price. We are very thankful to 3Dconnexion for supporting us this way and...

Visiting Continental Matador Rubber in...

Our partner Continental invited us to take a tour around their development and manufacture center in Púchov. We went there on November 21, 2014. Traveling from Bratislava to Púchov took 2 hours...

SGT on Bratislava marathon

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SGT is registered on FS 2011 in Silverstone

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Stuba Green Team from STU in Bratislava was accepted for the Formula Student 2011 competition after successful registration to Class 1A. The Formula Student 2011 event will provisionally be held on...

FEHI 2010 – Turin

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Stuba Green Team (SGT) with our electric formula race car attended event Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy. The competition was held this year on the Fiat test track in Turin, Italy, on 7 to 10...