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Team 2019

STUBA Green Team is the only team in Slovakia that successfully represents our country and university at the Formula Student Electric competition. It has been operating since 2009 and currently consists of 64 active members, mainly students of the Slovak University of Technology. We regularly participate in European races and various other events related to automotive. During the existence of the team, we have been able to develop, design and construct 7 electric formulas. This year we aim to create another brand new car.

  • External relations
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Driverless
  • Support
Marek Habara
Marek Habara
External relations
Members of this division are responsible for communication with sponsors, media, marketing, social network management, creation of graphic material, organization of events or management of team finances.
  • Terézia Spišiaková
    Terézia Spišiaková
    Division Leader
  • Samuel Jankove
    Samuel Jankove
  • Michal Lacina
    Michal Lacina
The mechanical division deals with the design of the vehicle, from component design and simulation, through production to component assembly. The beginning of the mechanics season is marked by the choice of car concept, followed by software design and optimization of the components that together make up a 3D assembly. Many components are created directly in our workshop, the rest are made by one of our partner companies.
  • Miroslav Krempaský
    Miroslav Krempaský
    Division Leader
  • Martin Osvald
    Martin Osvald
  • Martin Fabík
    Martin Fabík
  • Mária Karľová
    Mária Karľová
  • Igor Kevický
    Igor Kevický
  • Ondrej Potocký
    Ondrej Potocký
  • Andrej Skatulla
    Andrej Skatulla
  • Štefan Takács
    Štefan Takács
  • Andrej Vnučko
    Andrej Vnučko
  • Brigita Tiffingerová
    Brigita Tiffingerová
  • Juraj Bucko
    Juraj Bucko
  • Joachim Holasek
    Joachim Holasek
  • Daniel Lučanič
    Daniel Lučanič
  • Daniel Pacek
    Daniel Pacek
  • Jozef Smutný
    Jozef Smutný
  • Andrej Ürge
    Andrej Ürge
  • Matej Sloboda
    Matej Sloboda
  • Matúš Pipich
    Matúš Pipich
  • Tomáš Fialka
    Tomáš Fialka
  • Dávid Bezák
    Dávid Bezák
  • Roman Šandor
    Roman Šandor
  • Jakub Štubňa
    Jakub Štubňa
  • Veronika Czakó
    Veronika Czakó
Members of the Electric Division are breathing life into the car. Among several tasks, let's mention motor and inverter control, design of own batterybox, design of carbon steering wheel electronics, PCB creation, programming or control unit communication.
  • Martin Sedláček
    Martin Sedláček
    Division Leader
  • Matúš Hutár
    Matúš Hutár
  • Peter Slovák
    Peter Slovák
  • Libor Kašpárek
    Libor Kašpárek
  • Ondrej Durmis
    Ondrej Durmis
  • Alexander Magnusson
    Alexander Magnusson
  • Adrián Beke
    Adrián Beke
  • Michal Kováč
    Michal Kováč
  • Nikola Kozubjáková
    Nikola Kozubjáková
  • Samuel Mazúr
    Samuel Mazúr
  • Kristián Andocs
    Kristián Andocs
  • Juraj Račkay
    Juraj Račkay
  • Máté Elek
    Máté Elek
  • Martina Mahelyová
    Martina Mahelyová
  • Michal Stančík
    Michal Stančík
  • Michal Minárik
    Michal Minárik
  • Patrik Šebeš
    Patrik Šebeš
The aim of the Driverless division is to extend the formula with autonomous functionality, thanks to which it is able to detect the track marked by cones and then pass it autonomously without a pilot sitting inside. During the season, the members of this division are dedicated to sensors, localization, actuator control, ROS architecture design, and image processing using neural networks.
  • Juraj Krasňanský
    Juraj Krasňanský
    Division Leader
  • Martin Lučan
    Martin Lučan
  • Pavel Sadloň
    Pavel Sadloň
  • Peter Hladiš
    Peter Hladiš
  • Martin Baťa
    Martin Baťa
  • Dávid Mikle
    Dávid Mikle
  • Matúš Tomšík
    Matúš Tomšík
  • Tereza Ábelová
    Tereza Ábelová
  • Lukáš Matejov
    Lukáš Matejov
  • Lenka Rabčanová
    Lenka Rabčanová
  • Andrej Erdélsky
    Andrej Erdélsky
  • Peter Kiss
    Peter Kiss
  • Tibor Kominko
    Tibor Kominko
In addition to technical, marketing and administrative tasks, our members also solve a number of organizational, logistical or other ad hoc tasks. To make everything in our team, from fleet management to workshop equipment, work like a Swiss watch, there's the Support Division.
  • Peter Slezák
    Peter Slezák
    Division Leader
  • Martin Raček
    Martin Raček
  • Pavel Bačík
    Pavel Bačík
  • Erich Maliniak
    Erich Maliniak
  • Zoltán Móricz
    Zoltán Móricz
  • Dominik Vaňo
    Dominik Vaňo
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